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Key Holding Great Yarmouth

Are you worried about business security? Do you ever get stressed about your responsibilities to protect your business? When you run a company, you will often take on the duties of a key holder. What does this mean? A key holder typically, literally, holds the key to the company. You will be the one that can open the doors and more importantly, responds to any security threats.

If the alarm goes off late at night at your business property, you will need to be on the scene. You will have to be there to shut off the alarm and check for damage or any other issues. Depending on the severity of the situation you could be there for hours.

You might think about passing this job on to someone else in your business. That would be a mistake. This is a crucial role and you need an expert on your side. In short, you need our help.

Our Key Holding Service

At Access Facilities Management, we provide the key holding solution that you can trust. You don’t want to be called up in the middle of the night to deal with an issue with the alarm at your business property. Nor do you want to leave this job in the hands of someone who is untrained and unqualified.

That’s why you should use our service. Highly qualified with full training and years of experience our team is ready to handle the responsibilities of the key holder for your company. If the alarm does go off at your business and there is evidence of a breach, we will be the first on the scene. Ready to handle the situation and expertly manage any issues we won’t let the security problem impact your productivity or affect your personal life when you are away from the office.

Instead, we can take care of everything and give you complete peace of mind that your business will always have the protection that it needs. You might not always be close by your business property to answer a call but we will be. Offering a 24/7 service we can be there day and night, or whenever you need us to be.

Great Yarmouth Keyholding

Great Yarmouth has a thriving industry with a range of big businesses and highly populated office complexes around the town. Once a fishing port, the coastal town is now heavily reliant on the oil industry. It services various offshore oil rigs and has attracted a number of shipping companies as well. The oil sector ensures that there are warehouses around the ports, stocked with valuable items and products as well as hi-tech offices close by.

With key holding services, properties like this can be protected and secured even after an alarm has been set off. We have worked with clients all over the UK, ensuring that their company has the personalised level of protection that they need.

Find Out More Now

Use our Key Holding Service and you will discover just how much we can do for your business. From unlocking and locking the doors each day, to allowing maintenance workers in and so much more, we will improve efficiency and make your business easier to manage with our all in one service.

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