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Protecting Employees

Using a Security Company to Protect Your Staff

Adequate security measures will not only safeguard your business’s assets, but also help to protect the wellbeing of your staff. Outsourcing your security needs to a specialist, expert security company tends to allow for much better and more cost-effective security than most companies could implement themselves, but it can be difficult to know what kind of services your business can benefit from using. If employee safety is one of your top priorities, then you should consider using some of the following corporate security services:

Security Officers

The presence of professional security officers is one of the most effective corporate security measures you can take. In-person security specialists will be an effective deterrent against crime, and will be able to provide a fast, fully-trained, and competent response to any emergency situation or security issue that should arise. This is a highly effective way to enhance your company’s security in multiple areas, and staff safety is one of the key areas in which your business will benefit thanks to the on-the-ground presence of specialist professionals to prevent or deal with any dangerous situations that your business and its employees may face.

Key Holding Alarm Response

Appointing a trusted security company as a key holder will be far more convenient for your staff and, more importantly, it will also be significantly safer. If key holding is only entrusted to members of your own staff, then an employee will have to deal with any out-of-hours alarms or other concerns, and at whatever time of the night they arise. This assumes, of course, that a key holding staff member will be reachable at the time, and if the problem is not a false alarm then your staff member will have to deal with a potentially dangerous situation for which they are not properly trained or prepared. An expert key holding service from an external corporate security company, on the other hand, will mean that a trained professional is ready for rapid dispatch instead of a member of your internal staff.

Lone Worker Monitoring

Those who work alone are among the most vulnerable of all employees, because they have no immediate access to help in an emergency. These dangers can be significantly offset by lone worker monitoring services. Using a range of methods and technologies, a security company that provides a lone worker service can provide protection for those who work on their own by monitoring the premises to ensure that any emergencies, safety concerns, and potential security issues can be quickly identified, and if required, dealt with. Lone workers will have the resources to quickly and effectively call in fast-response assistance from trained professionals. This prevents them from facing possible danger in complete isolation and means that they will not be left to face any problems they might encounter on their own, and the result is a considerably safer working environment for lone employees.

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