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What is alarm response?

Alarm response is when you employ the services of a security firm to react to any suspicious or illegal activity at your place of business. As opposed to managing this responsibility in-house, you will hand over your keys to an industry professional with the expertise and experience to handle every scenario.

Although there could be one or two false alarms, the presence of skilled security personnel always provides the correct response. For example, they can react to instances of break-ins or burglaries, complete comprehensive checks to safeguard against criminal damage, ensure the overall safety of the premises, and liaise with the emergency services if needs be.

If you were to give the responsibility of alarm response to an existing employee, they may not be able to operate the security system properly or make the right decisions. Furthermore, they could be at risk of a conflict if there are unwanted individuals onsite.

Thankfully, this can be avoided with professional alarm response, which allows for a fully trained and licensed security officer to attend your place of business. This will protect your organisation and employees from unnecessary risk, costs, and inconvenience.

Why choose alarm response?

  • Round-the-clock security – You can enjoy a 24/7 response to your alarm being triggered
  • Professional service – The security staff responding to your alarm will be highly trained and properly licensed
  • Industry expertise – Regardless of the situation or scenario, you can rest assured the appropriate action will be taken
  • Lower costs – There is no need to pay for an in-house employee to take care of alarm response
  • Remove inconvenience – You won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to check everything is all right
  • Reduce risk – Should you suffer a break-in or burglary, alarm response will be there quickly to avoid loss, theft, and damage
  • Fully insured – All eventualities will be covered thanks to fully insured security staff

Access Facilities Management

Alarm response from Access Facilities Management promises to provide you with round-the-clock assistance for any suspicious or illegal activity. Our fully trained security personnel have the experience and expertise to deal with any situation that may rise.

What’s more, all of Access Facilities Management’s staff have proven security, military, or police backgrounds and will receive specific training according to their deployment, such as alarm response.

Contact Access Facilities Management today for more information about alarm response for your business.

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