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Hotel Security

Keep Your Hotel Events and Patrons Secure with the Help of Our Hotel Security Services

Running a hotel can be very challenging; people are constantly coming and going, which makes keeping a tab on security even harder. If you want your hotel to be the ultimate haven for the weary traveller, you need to focus not only on the amenities you offer, but also on hotel security measures. Finding the best security is no longer a problem when you are working with Access Facilities Management.

With our security measures, you can keep your hotel as safe and secure as possible. Our services are tailored to your wants and needs. Offering you some of the best security measures, we work in collaboration with you and other authorities in order to provide you with high quality services. With our trained and certified staff available for your security needs, your hotel will be one of the most secure places to stay in.

Suitable for Any Hotel Duties

Once you sign up with Access Facilities Management, our hotel security personnel will be at your beck and call to cater to the security needs of the hotel. We take great pride in working and collaborating with you and other authorities to ensure that there are no unwanted issues.

Our hotel security specialises in different areas including:

  • Security checks at the hotel doors
  • Conducting secure room checks
  • Apply secure evacuation plan protocols
  • Step in for proper conflict management in the event of conflict between guests, staff or other hotel patrons.

With Access Facilities Management, you can make your hotel efficient, secure and attract more patrons and visitors with ease. Our security options also make it easier to host events at your hotel and will definitely have more people showing up to your events.

Certified Hotel Security Team

Hotel security personnel need to possess poise, be dressed well as well as conduct security runs, checks and more. Hotel patrons can also complain if they security guards standing around. With Access Facilities Management, you get the perfect hotel security team that don’t just look the part, they fit right in too.

Our team of professionals is SIA certified and are also trained in customer services. Hotel security involves a lot of interaction with people and Access Facilities Management’s hotel security staff knows how to handle them with ease. Our hotel security personnel are always be re-trained to ensure that they have the right skills and will be an asset to your hotel.

Our Custom Security Solutions

Each event and venue can have different wants or needs. At Access Facilities Management, we take this factor into account and do our best to provide you with door supervisors who work with you. We can also offer you with custom security solutions that provide you with the best security options for your event.

For more information regarding our qualified hotel security solutions and other security services, please call us on 01502 507746 to speak to one of our representatives or leave us a message by filling out our online form.

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