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What can a security company do for you?

Regardless of their size or the nature of their industry, all businesses could stand to benefit from the services of a security company. All major towns and cities are full of threats – from internal theft to vandalism by local youths – which can cause companies significant damage if they are not properly addressed.

Corporate security companies offer a unique service by protecting the assets and employees of a business without interrupting its daily running. A business’s security needs will be dictated by its size and nature, but generally a combination of three core services can provide a safe and secure working environment.

Keyholding and alarm response

Whenever the alarm is activated at a business premises, the designated keyholder must attend the site to reset the unit and ensure that there is no threat to security. More often than not, false alarms will be triggered at all times of the night – causing frustration for the keyholder and potentially affecting their next day’s productivity.

However, a corporate security company can deliver a reliable 24-hour alarm response without inconveniencing any employees or other keyholders. What’s more, staff will not be put at personal risk in the event of a genuine security breach.

Security patrols

For less than the cost of a full-time security guard, regular security patrols can be an effective deterrent for internal theft, burglary and most other threats. Corporate security patrols are generally carried out to BS7499 standards, by uniformed guards manning liveried vehicles for maximum visibility.

Many businesses choose internal and external patrols at random times throughout the day, whereas others focus their efforts on particularly vulnerable periods like the middle of the night. Whichever is the case, the patrols can usually be organised around any other business commitments – like the attendance of contractors, engineers or clients.

Locking and unlocking

When it comes to locking and unlocking the premises on a daily basis, it can be difficult for businesses to find and maintain a long-term solution – especially if there are multiple sites to work across. Corporate security companies provide a reliable service to shut down and secure the buildings every evening, ensuring that there are no issues if designated keyholders are ill, running late or otherwise engaged.

Not only does this take the burden of responsibility away from regular employees, but it can also minimise stress and expenses if a set of keys is lost or goes missing. Normally locks would need changing and every key would be replaced, but this can be a long and laborious process if there are multiple keyholders. Conversely, with a security company there will be fewer keys to replace, with less chance of one actually going missing.

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