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What is vacant property protection?

Vacant property protection aims to keep unoccupied spaces safe and secure from the threat of squatters, thieves, assets strippers, and criminal damage. This security measure has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, especially due to more vacant properties since the recession.

As opposed to the installation of heavy doors and double locks, vacant property protection goes one step further and often calls upon a dedicated security firm to provide building management, manned services, physical devices, and electronic systems.

Regardless of whether the property is undergoing development or waiting for refurbishment, every building owner must safeguard their investment, which could total millions of pounds. Thankfully, the cost of vacant property protection often pales into insignificance when compared with the expensive consequences of unlawful occupation, theft, vandalism, and dilapidation.

Vacant property protection will individually assess each location to determine the most effective course of action and is often utilised by estate agents, developers, investors, care home operators, housing associations, and local councils.

Why choose vacant property protection?

  • Protect investment – Safeguard any expensive assets such as metalwork and prevent damage to the building
  • Maintain order – Unlawful occupation and fly tipping could turn your vacant property into a rubbish heap
  • Ensure safety – Vacant property protection can significantly reduce the possibility of health and safety hazards such as arson and pest infestation
  • Valid insurance – Insurance policies might not be valid if you have failed to adequately protect your property
  • Abide with the law – Your vacant property could become a location for anti-social behaviour and criminal damage
  • Reduce rates – With measures like a property guardian, you could reduce your business rates for an empty building
  • Manage time – Be certain that any development or refurbishment will be carried out and completed on time with no distractions

Protection from Access Facilities Management

For many years, Access Facilities Management has provided vacant property protection to numerous building owners. We have the experience and expertise required to identify potential threats before putting a tailor-made plan of action in place.

All of the personnel employed by Access Facilities Management are screened for BS7858:2012 and must have proven security, military, or police backgrounds. We also put our employees through specific training according to their deployment, such as vacant property protection.

For more information on how vacant property protection could benefit you, get in touch with Access Facilities Management today.

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