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What are mobile patrols?

A mobile patrol is the presence of security personnel at your place of business to prevent any break-ins or burglaries and check for suspicious or illegal activity. Duties can include checking doors, windows, outbuildings, garages, and vehicles as well as signs of attempted theft or damage.

If a mobile patrol does find anything out of the ordinary or unusual, they will be trained to take the most appropriate action. In most cases, this will be to notify the keyholder or even ask for the assistance of the authorities.

Regardless of whether it is a simple visual drive-by to ensure everything is in order or a more comprehensive walk and check for greater protection, mobile patrols are very effective at securing a property or premises.

Mobile patrols provide a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime while simultaneously offering security beyond fixed locations to make certain every area of your business is covered.

Why choose mobile patrols?

  • Visible deterrent – The presence of mobile patrols, which cannot easily be predicted by criminals, will prevent break-ins and burglaries
  • Peace of mind – You can rest assured that your property or premises will remain protected against loss, theft, and damage
  • Round-the-clock surveillance – Even if your business is targeted at night, mobile patrols will be on hand to provide constant surveillance
  • Comprehensive protection – As opposed to stationed guards, mobile patrols can cover a larger area or businesses with big premises
  • Security checks – Mobile patrols can carry out a wide range of security checks for better protection and greater practicality
  • Excellent flexibility – The ability to change where and when your mobile patrols are deployed is extremely advantageous
  • Stronger relationships – The local community will appreciate the fact that security personnel are present nearby

Access Facilities Management

Access Facilities Management has the experience and expertise to offer your business a professional and proficient mobile patrol service. We always listen carefully to the unique wants and needs of our customers in order to provide the very best security solution possible.

Every member of staff used for mobile patrols will receive specific training for their deployment. Access Facilities Management only employs personnel with proven security, military or police backgrounds too and will screen each candidate for BS7858:2012.

For more information about how mobile patrols could benefit your business, get in touch with Access Facilities Management today and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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