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Guard Dogs

Access Facilities Management Provides Top Quality Guard Dog Services that are NASDU accredited and SIA compliant

For the highest security options, getting the guard dog security team is a better idea. Security guard dog teams can handle the most unruly of events and improve overall security. From detecting the presence of drugs and other narcotics to identifying potential threats and controlling them, our guard dog teams can provide you with the extra layer of security you need for a completely safe event.

Data also suggests that the one guard dog security team is efficient enough to handle the work and challenges faced by five or four security guards. With the help of Access Facilities Management’s guard dog services, you can also make your event as safe and secure as possible. Our teams of guard dogs are trained in a wide array of situations to make them suitable for use at and for any event possible.

Why Work With Us?

Access Facilities Management takes pride in offering you security solutions with attention to the highest industry standards. Even when offering guard dog security teams, we make sure to give you the best in terms of services, quality and security measures.

NASDU Accredited Handlers

Our guard dog team handlers are all accredited from the National Assembly of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and meet the quality standards that are enforced by it. This accreditation means that they know how to handle their guard dogs in a manner that is humane, incorporates proper protocol and maintains operational standards. Our handlers are qualified to provide security and look after the welfare of the dogs.

SIA Licensed

Not only are our handlers accredited with NASDU, they are also SIA licensed and can handle any security operation as needed. With an SIA licensed handler, the efficiency of the dog guard team is enhanced and they can deploy the proper security measures to intercept, alleviate and remove obvious and perceived threats in the vicinity. With our guard dog security teams handling security for your event, you do not have to worry about any problems.

Humane Treatment

We understand that with guard dog teams, the welfare and health of the dog needs to be considered, which is why we pay special attention to this factor. Prior warning of guard dog teams is posted around the vicinity and we also have a strict code of conduct. Access Facilities Management’s guard dogs are never let off their leashes nor are they left unattended. Resting areas are specially designated for the guard dogs and kennels and refreshments are also available for them.

We Aim to Please

Access Facilities Management offers different security options for use along with guard dog security teams. Based on the kind of location, the event, as well as your overall concerns, we can offer you customised security solutions that can check all your boxes.

For more information regarding our qualified guard dog security solutions and other security services, please call us on 01502 507746 to speak to one of our representatives or leave us a message by filling out our online form.

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