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What is CCTV Monitoring?

CCTV monitoring is when an individual will observe the activity of a property or premises through strategically placed surveillance cameras. Images from each camera are then sent to a control centre or remote monitoring station.

From there, a trained operator can detect any suspicious activity and take appropriate action, such as delivering an audible warning, sending in security personnel to investigate or contacting the authorities.

Although the presence of surveillance cameras alone can often deter break-ins or burglaries, CCTV monitoring is much more effective at providing continuous protection in real-time, helping to catch criminals in the act and recover stolen goods.

Over the past few years, CCTV technology has advanced to the point where systems now feature smartphone connectivity and can record images in high definition. As well as providing you with live images straight to your mobile device, this also enables operators to see incidents or activity in excellent detailed for even more accurate reporting.

Why choose CCTV Monitoring?

  • Prevent crime – The sight of security cameras along with a CCTV monitoring sign can prevent criminals from breaking and entering
  • Proactive security – Rather than reviewing images after an incident has taken place, monitoring provides a real-time response
  • Round-the-clock protection – Your property or premises will never go without protection, regardless of whether its day or night
  • Cost-effective – A comprehensive CCTV system and just one skilled operative is much cheaper than hiring multiple security guards
  • Immediate response – Whenever there is any suspicious activity, CCTV monitoring allows for an immediate response
  • Visual verification – Trained operators will be able to accurately verify any events or incidents
  • Save money – CCTV monitoring can help reduce insurance premiums among several providers

Access Facilities Management

Access Facilities Management has years of industry experience providing CCTV monitoring for a long-established client list. We take great pride in our reputation for recognising and mitigating security threats before they have a chance to develop into something more serious.

With any CCTV monitoring package, we will carefully listen to your requirements before putting together a tailor-made security solution. All of our staff are trained according to their deployment, such as skilled CCTV operators. What’s more, every employee is screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and we only supply personnel with proven security, military, or police backgrounds.

Contact us today for more information about how CCTV monitoring can help protect your business and its most valuable assets.

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