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What is hospital security?

Hospital security can include a broad spectrum of services, which includes static and mobile security guards, key-holding and the locking up of buildings, car parking and traffic management, as well as the protection of controlled or sensitive areas.

There are several challenges associated with hospital security, as it needs to be visible when required but also discrete at other times. However, if you employ the services of a dedicated security firm, you will benefit from the kind of expertise required to deal with various situations.

While the priority of many hospitals is to protect A&E and casualty departments from assaults and anti-social behaviour, they will also want to support and safeguard staff and patients to ensure the smooth running of daily operations.

At the same time, hospital security can also deter theft and vandalism of medicines and specialist equipment from NHS healthcare and private sector facilities through the use of alarms, CCTV, mobile patrols, and other security systems.

The benefits?

  • Sense of safety – Both staff and patients will feel much safer in the presence of security guards and CCTV surveillance
  • Greater efficiency – Medical professionals can concentrate on the job at hand, safe in the knowledge that they are being protected
  • Prevent theft – Hospital security can ensure sensitive information like patient records as well as medicine and equipment won’t be stolen
  • Round-the-clock security – The fact several hospitals are open day and night calls for a security solution that provides unwavering support and protection
  • Professional response – If a hospital suffers from any sort of breach or disturbance, the right security solution will be able to provide the most appropriate response
  • Full analysis – Hospital security will involve a full analysis of the site to provide a tailor-made solution based on strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities
  • Flexible solutions – From large scale NHS facilities to walk-in centres and doctor surgeries, hospital security offers excellent flexibility for various situations and

Access Facilities Management

With years of experiences and in-depth industry expertise, Access Facilities Management can provide hospitals with the protection they require. We aim to identify and mitigate security threats before they have a change to develop for the benefit of all our clients.

In order to work at Access Facilities Management, our staff must have proven security, military, or police backgrounds and be screened for BS7858:2012. We also give our hospital security staff specific training according to their deployment.

If you would like to hear more about hospital security, get in touch with us today.

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