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What is Retail Security?

Primarily used to deter and discourage crime in places like shopping centres, department stores, and supermarkets, retail security can also help guard stock, improve internal processes, monitor members of staff, and protect valuable assets.

After all, there is every chance a retailer’s employees will steal stock when their bosses aren’t looking, which can be incredibly hard to prevent and detect. This can lead to trust issues within the workplace, not to mention a negative knock-on effect for the business’s bottom line.

Although the priority for several retailers will be to stop shoplifters, security efforts should not ignore damage to property, anti-social behaviour, or organised crime either, as these problems can be equally harmful from a financial perspective.

Therefore, the only way to fully address the issues associated with retail security is to recognise and mitigate potential threats before they can develop. That way, not only will retailers safeguard their most valuable stock and assets, they can also keep staff and customers onside.

The benefits?

  • Prevent theft – Most criminals will not target shops or stores that employ the services of a security guard
  • Observe activity – Retail security officers are trained to monitor potential shoplifters and observe suspicious activity
  • Increase safety – Both employees and customers will feel much safer and more at ease under the protection of a security guard
  • Additional assistance – As the first point of contact for many customers, a security guard can provide additional assistance
  • Appropriate response – In the event of a crime, trained retail security officers will be able to follow the correct procedures
  • Undercover action – Discrete store detectives can be utilised to ensure staff, stock, and customers stay protected
  • CCTV monitoring – Retail security officers can also monitor your CCTV for greater stock control and the early detection of potential incidents

Access Facilities Management

Access Facilities Management is on hand to help high-street department stores and local independent shops with their retail security requirements. We listen to the wants and needs of our customers carefully in order to create tailor-made security solutions.

For retail security, we only employ personnel with proven security, military or police backgrounds for the utmost professionalism. All members of staff are screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and will receive specific training according to their deployment, which includes retail security.

Contact us today for more information or to discuss your security requirements.

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