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Door Supervisors

Ensure Safety and Security of Your Guests with Access Facilities Management’s Professional Door Supervisors!

An event is only as good as the people who show up to it, and crowd control is a major aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Now, more than ever, with private and public events being in the news for violence and other incidents, you need to step up the security. With Access Facilities Management’s door supervisors, you can do just that.

Access Facilities Management takes great pride in offering professional door supervisors who not only make a great impression, but also keep premises safe. Working in collaboration with you and other authorities, our professional door supervisors can ensure that your events are a success and your guests are safe and secure.

Door Supervisors for Any Event!

Specialising in providing door supervisors for public and private events, Access Facilities Management can cater to your security needs for the following different venues:

  • Public Houses – Hosting a sports viewing or other local event at the pub? Keep the crowd from getting unruly with the help of Access Facilities Management. Stationed inside or outdoors, we can keep mediate conflict and ensure safety of other patrons.
  • Night Clubs – Whether you’re looking for bouncers to stand at the door or require indoor security for your patrons, Access Facilities Management can be provide the best, trained individuals for you.
  • Student Unions – Understanding how student unions work, Access Facilities Management offers the best door supervisors who can not only provide security but also prevent students from getting out of hand.
  • Music Concerts and Venues – Live music concerts and venues can be problematic. Leave the security detail to us while you handle different logistics. The show must go on after all.

From monitoring the kind of people entering your event to mitigating conflict, our door supervisors can enhance the security of your event.

Why Work With Us?

Access Facilities Management offers door supervisors for almost any event and for any location. Our services make us stand out and we always take our client’s wants and needs into account. With our help, you can ensure that your event is a success and you build a great market reputation with ease.

Trained Personnel

Taking your security needs seriously, Access Facilities Management offers door supervisors who are trained in conflict management, understanding how to intercept dangerous threats and in deployment of proper defence systems in case of a registered threat. Their expertise in this area allows them to handle any situation and keep your events safe and secure.

Custom Security Solutions

Each event and venue can have different wants or needs. At Access Facilities Management, we take this factor into account and do our best to provide you with door supervisors who work with you. We can also offer you with custom security solutions that provide you with the best security options for your event.

For more information regarding our qualified door supervisor solutions and other security services, please call us on 01502 507746 to speak to one of our representatives or leave us a message by filling out our online form.

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