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What is corporate security?

Over the past few years, massive advances in technology and business infrastructure have seen security threats growing increasingly complex and common. Whether in the form of organised crime, terrorism or information security, more and more businesses now require the dedicated efforts of a corporate security service to protect themselves against the damage that these threats can cause to their finances or reputation.

Corporate security protects a company by identifying and mitigating any threats before they can develop and cause significant damage. Security teams act as a safeguard for data, property and personnel, effectively protecting the business and in the process allowing for its smooth running on a daily basis.

More than just a security guard

Traditionally, security guards were seen as stern and overly-protective guards at the front gate – keeping a keen eye on potential threats but far too frequently preventing employees from fulfilling all of their duties. Today’s corporate security services are designed to be quite the opposite by protecting the company with a service that is as convenient as it is cost-effective.

Modern day security guards understand and appreciate the importance of their work across all levels of a business, whether in the form of keyholding, carrying out patrols or locking and unlocking the premises. This gives business owners and their employees the peace of mind that they will be protected in the event of an attempted theft or other security breach, while saving them the potential inconvenience of addressing such threats in an effective and timely fashion themselves.

Why choose a corporate security company?

There are a number of reasons to hire the services of a security company. Businesses first and foremost benefit from the knowledge and experience that many corporate security guards have amassed through their decades of work – allowing them to manage a wide variety of threats and situations, from false alarms to internal theft.

A second reason is the convenience that a 24-hour security service brings. Being a designated keyholder can mean responding to alarms at all hours, as well as securing the premises at the beginning and end of each day. This can be inconvenient when designated personnel face constant interruptions to their outside lives, but a corporate security company can provide the reassurance of a consistent, reliable service with no inconvenience to any employees.

Thirdly, businesses of all sizes can save money by choosing a security company. London and other major cities are full of potentially costly threats to businesses, their employees and their property. Aside from more obvious incidents like theft and fraud, any security breach can prove to be expensive by affecting the reputation of the business – as customers will understandably be hesitant to deal with them in future.

Could your business benefit from the services of a corporate security company?

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