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What is Manned Guarding?

Manned guarding is having a physical presence at your place of business in order to deter or discourage illegal activity with patrols and/or surveillance. It is primarily used to:

Prevent unauthorised access and occupation of a property or premises
Preserve a property or premises against destruction, damage, and theft
Provide protection for one or more individuals such as employees and customers

Although its primary purpose is to increase security and safety, manned guarding also represents the first point of contact at many businesses. Therefore, it is imperative that security guards are trained to deal with potential dangers while simultaneously welcoming members of the general public.

For this reason, manned guarding is now a convenient and cost-effective service that enables businesses to focus on its key responsibilities, safe in the knowledge visitors are being cared for.

The benefits?

While the security industry is witnessing several technological advances alongside the growing threat of cybercrime, a number of businesses forget about the importance of protecting their physical assets. However, manned guarding remains an incredibly useful and effective tactic when it comes to corporate security.

  • Visual deterrent – The sheer presence of a security officer will deter most criminals from any illegal activity
  • Accurate reporting – Every incident that manned guarding reports will be genuine, removing the possibility of false alarms
  • Quick response – Security Guards will immediately be on hand for any trespassing, vandalism, or theft
  • Invaluable reassurance – Those visiting your place of business can feel a greater sense of safety
  • Greater surveillance – Manned guarding can monitor CCTV in real-time and act upon anything suspicious
  • Improved reputations – The presence of manned guarding shows you give precedence to health and safety
  • Human senses – Manned guarding can hear any possible security breach before it is picked up by CCTV

Access Facilities Management

At Access Facilities Management, we are committed to providing top quality trained professionals that not only do their job effectively but also integrate into your own team. What’s more, every security package we supply is unique to your exacting wants and needs.

All of our security officers undergo specific industry training according to their type of deployment and are background screen to comply with BS7858:2012. Also, we only employ personnel with proven security, military, or police backgrounds.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how our services can increase security for your business.

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