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What is construction security?

Construction security involves the use of manpower and technology to safeguard building sites and similar working environments. With the right construction security in place, you can ensure the prevention of damage to machinery, theft of employee tools, and entry by unauthorised personnel.

Due to the dangerous nature of most construction sites, any trespassers that manage to gain access are an immediate risk, not only to themselves but also other workers. Therefore, the presence of security can reinforce your commitment to a safe working environment.

The same can be said for the use of heavy duty equipment and machinery, which when operated by trained staff is not a threat. However, safety could be compromised if the equipment or machinery has been tampered with on the back of criminal activity.

Therefore, numerous constructions companies are choosing to employ the services of dedicated security firms to protect their building sites, redevelopment areas, civil engineering projects, and more.

The benefits?

  • Guaranteed health and safety – Any personnel tasked with safeguarding your construction site will adhere to the relevant industry laws and in-house policies relating to health and safety
  • Controlled access – Security guards will monitor and record every person leaving or entering your site for better control over access
  • Secure area – When workers aren’t present on site, construction security will ensure all entrances are locked and inaccessible
  • Site assessment – A security firm will be able to perform a walk-through of your construction site to identify any areas of concern
  • Invaluable reassurance – You can rest assured that a security presence will prevent unwanted activity and ensure workers can get on with their jobs
  • Immediate response – Should you suffer any security breaches, you will benefit from a prompt and professional response that deals with the issue in the most appropriate way possible
  • Out-of-hours security – Along with security guards, you may also want to install CCTV, fencing, and signage to guarantee round-the-clock protection

Access Facilities Management

Access Facilities Management has years of construction security under our belts, enabling us to provide you with a committed and competent service. We will listen to your requirements carefully in order to create a tailor-made solution.

All our members of staff have proven security, military or police backgrounds, are screened for BS7858:2012, and will receive specific training for their deployment.

For more information about construction security, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Access Facilities Management today.

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