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Car Park Security Colchester

By adopting car park security, Colchester businesses can guarantee that the vehicles of employees, customers, and the public won’t be at risk of theft or damage. At Access Facilities Management, we utilise a number of measures to safeguard car parks, including static guarding, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring, and controlled access.

Not only are most modern-day cars extremely expensive, they often have valuable goods inside too. Any business that doesn’t recognise this or fails to take appropriate action could suffer large financial losses in the event of crime.

But by enlisting the services of Access Facilities Management, you can rest assured that your car park remains protected at all times. We can also help identify vehicles without valid tickets or permits in locations such as industrial estates, distribution centres, and private premises.

To discover more about car park security, Colchester businesses should contact us today – call 01502 507746 or fill out our online enquiry form.


The advantages of car park security Colchester

Despite the fact that car park security might not be one of your top priorities, the advantages it affords are obvious. These include:

  • Vehicle protection – Staff, customers, and visitors will feel much more comfortable parking their cars in the presence of strong security
  • Controlled access – Always keep an eye on who enters and exits your car park with controlled access
  • Accurate reporting – From instances of crime to illegally parked vehicles, a security presence can provide you with accurate reporting
  • Financial reward – With either pay and display or electronic parking payments, you can combine car park security with profitable business models
  • Professional help – Should vehicle owners encounter any difficulties, security staff can provide immediate, professional assistance
  • Cutting-edge technology – CCTV monitoring and Automatic Number Plate Recognition can further enhance car park security and serviceability
  • Additional services – We can even help out with picking up litter and recovering shopping trolleys


The need for car park security Colchester

According to Co-op Insurance, the UK has witnessed a 20 per cent increase in car crime over the past year. In August 2017, the Whitehall Industrial Estate in Colchester found out the hard way when 65 cars were targeted by mindless vandals.

Video footage of the incident shows criminals breaking windows, tearing off wing mirrors, and hammering bodywork at an estimated cost of £100,000. With car park security, this worst case scenario could have been avoided.

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