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Car Park Security London

When it comes to car park security, London businesses cannot afford to cut corners or take risks. According to Transport for London, the nation’s capital is home to 2.56 million licensed cars, giving criminals plenty of scope to steal, damage, and vandalise.

But with car park security from Access Facilities Management, you can ensure that the vehicles of customers, staff, and members of the public remain safe. We install the latest security devices such as CCTV and employ the services of trained staff to keep a watchful eye over cars and their contents at all times.

Our car park security services can be used at shopping centres, industrial estates, public areas, and more. We can also assist with instances of illegal parking and the absence of tickets or permits.

To discover more about car park security, London businesses should contact Access Facilities Management today – call 01502 507746 or fill out our online enquiry form.


Advantages of car park security – London

With better car park security comes the following benefits:

  • Control over access – Maintain an accurate record of vehicles that enter and exit your car park
  • Protection of vehicles – Both cars and their contents will remain secure at all times
  • Collection of money – Car park security can include cash collections, pay and display machines, and electronic payment systems
  • Reliable reporting – A human presence can ensure all vehicles display up-to-date tickets or the right kind of permit
  • Customer assistance – Car park security guards can offer help to vehicle owners should they require it
  • Cutting-edge technology – CCTV remote monitoring and ANPR identity systems can improve car park security and management
  • Cleaning and maintenance – People power can be utilised for picking up litter and recovering shopping trolleys

Don’t forget to get in touch with Access Facilities Management to discuss the services you require.


Reasons for car park security – London

Research from Co-Op Insurance in 2017 listed streets in Stratford, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Mayfair, and Brent Cross as the most unsafe places to park in London. In fact, four out of the capital’s top 10 worst streets for vehicle-related crime were designated car parks.

James Hillon from Co-Op Insurance said year on year the company sees a 20 per cent increase in car thefts across the UK. In 2016, nearly 800,000 vehicle-related thefts were reported across the UK. It remains one of the most pertinent crimes police forces have to deal with.

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