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CCTV Monitoring Cambridge

To protect your property or premises and its possessions with CCTV monitoring, Cambridge businesses should choose Access Facilities Management. Our years of experience, industry knowledge, and fully trained staff will provide you with a safer and more secure working environment.

Access Facilities Management can also provide additional services along with CCTV monitoring, such as alarm response, mobile patrols, and manned guarding. We will look carefully at your security requirements and come up with a tailor-made solution that safeguards your property or premises no matter what.


What is CCTV monitoring? Cambridge 

CCTV monitoring is when a control centre (also called a remote monitoring station) observes the activity of a property or premises through the use of surveillance cameras. Skilled operators will have access to the site’s own security system and sometimes be able to move the cameras too.

If the operator notices suspicious behaviour or criminal activity, they will take appropriate action immediately. For example, contacting the site’s keyholder, security personnel, or the police.

With CCTV monitoring, you benefit from a security solution that never sleeps. As a result, thieves aren’t given the opportunity to break-in to your business or steal your most valuable assets.


Access Facilities Management’s approach to CCTV monitoring – Cambridge

CCTV monitoring from Access Facilities Management is carried out by staff who are specifically trained to perform this duty. All of our employees also come from proven security, military, or police backgrounds and are screened to comply with BS7858:2012.

We are a privately owned family business with nearly a decade of security industry experience. This means that we have close working relationships with all of our clients but still maintain a high standard of service for greater peace of mind.

Regardless of whether you only want CCTV monitoring or additional services like uniformed officers, Access Facilities Management will always asses your unique requirements before putting together an appropriate package.


The need for CCTV monitoring – Cambridge

According to several business owners, shoplifting is ‘out of control’ in Cambridge, with many not even reporting instances of theft due to a lack of police response. Small stores, large chains and even charity shops are victims of theft on a daily basis.

“I would say you’re looking at not even 20 per cent of shop theft gets reported to the police,” claims Adam Ratcliffe, manager of Cambridge Business Against Crime. “It’s worse than it’s been for a while. The police don’t have the resources to deal with low level crimes.”

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