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CCTV Monitoring Chelmsford

With CCTV Monitoring, Chelmsford-based businesses can ensure their properties remain protected at all times. Access Facilities Management is a leading provider of CCTV monitoring in Essex, bringing years of hands-on experience to the table and a great deal of industry expertise.

In addition to CCTV monitoring, we are also on hand to assist with your other security requirements. Access Facilities Management will take a close look at your requirements and develop a tailor-made strategy for ensuring the utmost in commercial protection.


What you need to know about CCTV monitoring Chelmsford

CCTV monitoring is when an operator will observe the activity of a location through its security system and surveillance cameras. Whether onsite or in a remote monitoring station, the operator will usually be able to move the cameras for even better surveillance.

If they detect any unusual or illegal activity, the operator will take action immediately, such as contacting the site’s keyholder, security personnel, or the police.

With CCTV monitoring, you benefit from a security solution that never sleeps. As a result, thieves aren’t given the opportunity to break-in to your business or steal your most valuable assets.


CCTV monitoring Chelmsford from Access Facilities Management

CCTV monitoring from Access Facilities Management is carried out by staff who are specifically trained to perform this duty. All of our employees also come from proven security, military, or police backgrounds and are background screened to comply with BS7858:2012.

Because Access Facilities Management’s aim is to identify and mitigate security threats before they have a chance to develop, we champion the use of CCTV monitoring. As a type of crime prevention and form of vital evidence, it affords our customers unrivalled peace of mind.

Access Facilities Management is a privately-owned business that will always put you first. This has been the case with our loyal client base, who keep coming back for excellent customer service and great value for money.


Why CCTV monitoring Chelmsford?

Earlier this year, Essex Police Commissioner Roger Hirst revealed that crime levels are on the up in Chelmsford. Between February 2016 and January 2017, the city witnessed 1,356 more crimes than in the same period the previous year.

A rise in crime of 14 per cent is clearly a worrying statistic, which every business should take seriously. Therefore, make the first move towards avoiding this worst-case scenario by investing in CCTV monitoring or another security measure.

For CCTV monitoring, Chelmsford businesses should contact Access Facilities Management today on 01502 507746.

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