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CCTV monitoring Colchester

CCTV monitoring in Colchester from Access Facilities Management can help safeguard your company’s property or premises and its most valuable assets. We bring years of industry experience to the table and can provide you with a unique solution according to your circumstances.

Along with CCTV monitoring, Access Facilities Management has a number of other products and services on offer for the utmost in commercial protection. What’s more, we have a team of highly trained staff on hand to assist you every step of the way.

More about CCTV monitoring in Colchester

CCTV monitoring refers to a skilled operator being able to observe the activity taking place at a property or premises through its own security system and surveillance cameras. This usually takes place in a control centre, also known as a remote monitoring station, where the operator can often move the cameras too.

Should there be any suspicious or criminal activity, such as a burglary or break-in, the control centre can take appropriate action, typically contacting the site’s keyholder, security personnel, or even the authorities.

The biggest benefit of CCTV monitoring is that it provides businesses with a round-the-clock security solution, which means criminals don’t have any opportunity to force entry and steal belongings.

CCTV monitoring from Access Facilities Management

Access Facilities Management is a privately owned business with almost ten years experience in the security industry. During this time, we have built loyal relationships with a number of customers who benefit from excellent customer service and great value for money.

With all of our security solutions, we aim to identify and mitigate security threats before they turn into something more serious. This means our customers enjoy unrivalled reassurance and peace of mind.

On top of that, all of Access Facilities Management’s frontline staff have proven security, military, or police backgrounds. We also screen our workforce to comply with BS7858:2012 and put them through training in accordance with their deployment, which can include security guarding, door supervision, and CCTV monitoring.

Reasons for CCTV monitoring in Colchester

One of the biggest reasons why businesses should consider CCTV monitoring in Colchester is because the town centre has the highest crime rate in Essex. According to UK Crime Stats, which looked at incidents over the past six years, Colchester town centre has a crime rate of 32.6.

It also retains the top spot even when petty crimes such as bicycle thefts and shoplifting are not taken into account. Other areas of Colchester didn’t fare that well either, with St Andrews and St Annes (9.01) alongside Harbour Berechurch (8.7) appearing in Essex’s top 40 crime spots as well.

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