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CCTV Monitoring Great Yarmouth

For greater protection of your commercial premises with CCTV monitoring, Great Yarmouth businesses should contact Access Facilities Management. We have years of industry experience in safeguarding the assets of countless clients across the region.

In addition to CCTV monitoring, we are also on hand to assist with your other security requirements. Access Facilities Management will ask about your requirements and put together a foolproof strategy for ensuring the ultimate in protection.


What you need to know about CCTV monitoring – Great Yarmouth

CCTV monitoring uses strategically placed security cameras to oversee all activity that takes place at your property or premises. A skilled operator is often able to move each individual camera from a remote monitoring station, which is also known as a control centre.

If there is any unusual activity such as trespassing or a break-in, the control centre will act immediately by contacting the site’s keyholder, security personnel, or the authorities.

CCTV monitoring is often an essential part of security for several businesses, thanks in large part to the 24/7 surveillance it affords. As a result, you can rest assured your property, assets, and staff will always remain safe.


Our approach to CCTV monitoring – Great Yarmouth

Every security package we supply is individual, from CCTV monitoring to high profile uniformed officers. Our aim is to provide you with the most appropriate security package for the protection of assets and the safeguarding of staff.

All of our security personnel are fully trained and SIA licensed. They must also have proven security, military, or police backgrounds in order to work here. When at your place of business, our staff will aim to integrate into your team while providing a high standard of customer service.

We are an ISO 9001 privately owned family business with over forty years’ experience within the security industry. During this time, we’ve built a long established client list and strong reputation for excellent service.


The value of CCTV monitoring – Great Yarmouth

According to Great Yarmouth’s town centre manager Jonathan Newman, its CCTV control room has been involved in over 2,500 incidents and helped to make 700 arrests over the past 12 months.

“I can reassure people that the CCTV operation we have in place is monitored very closely and helps to make the town a safe place,” said Newman. “We have various crime reduction schemes in place which have proved to be successful and make Great Yarmouth a safer and more enjoyable town for visitors and residents to be.”

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