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Corporate Security Suffolk

For businesses needing to safeguard their property or premises with corporate security in Suffolk, look no further than Access Facilities Management. We are proud to provide tailor-made security solutions to organisations of various sizes and sectors across Suffolk.

Thanks to our highly trained, industry recognised workforce, we have established a reputation for unparalleled customer service. Access Facilities Management also has the expertise required to navigate the maze of current legislation, which ensures your business will always have licensed and reputable security.


More about corporate security

In years gone by, the biggest threat to businesses was a burglary or break-in. But due to advances in technology and infrastructure, every organisation must now stand tall against organised crime, information theft, and even terrorism.

These incredibly complex yet increasingly common threats are often difficult to deal with in-house, which is why more and more businesses are employing the services of dedicated security firms.

Corporate security in Suffolk is required to put a plan of action in place, which can identify and mitigate potential issues before they have a chance to develop. As a result, your business can protect its most valuable assets, from property and personnel to documentation and data.


Reasons to choose Access Facilities Management

  • Our experience and expertise – We have been providing corporate security to countless businesses for a number of years. We are able to manage difficult scenarios such as internal thefts and false alarms with the utmost professionalism and proficiency.
  • Our resolute dedication – Your business will never be without corporate security, as we can deliver a 24-hour solution to your business. As your organisation’s keyholder, Access Facilities Management will respond to alarms at all hours and make sure the property is completely safe at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Our service and savings – Choose Access Facilities Management and you could end up saving the business an untold amount of money. Along with avoiding the possibility of financial loss from theft or fraud, we can also protect your company’s reputation so that customers keep coming back.


Our range of corporate security solutions include:

  • Security officers and mobile patrols
  • Covert CCTV monitoring and surveillance
  • Keyholding and alarm response
  • Reception duties
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Security for special events
  • Hospitals, car parks, construction sites, and much more


Corporate security in Suffolk

Suffolk’s recorded crime grew at twice the national rate according to official figures. The Office for National Statistics found that the number of crimes reported in Suffolk in 2015/16 was 18 per cent higher than the previous year.

What’s more, robberies in Suffolk rose by 41 per cent in 2015 too, the second highest rate in the country. Localised figures reveal that the total number of crimes in Ipswich went up by 22 per cent, which included a 61 per cent rise in robberies.

Even though Deputy Chief Constable Steve Jupp warned that these figures should be viewed in a ‘wider context,’ the fact that robberies are on the increase will concern several businesses, which is all the more reason to bolster corporate security.

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