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Key Holding Bury St Edmunds

As a business owner, you will have a lot of responsibilities and different issues in your business that must be dealt with. At Access Facilities Management, we don’t believe that responding to security threats should be a distraction or impact productivity. That’s why we provide a Key Holding solution that you can trust.

If an alarm sounds at your business in the middle of the night or there is an alert of a security issue, a key holder must arrive. They need to make sure that the property is still secure and that the alarm is shut off. This is just one of the responsibilities of the key holder and it is often the business manager or even the business owner.

Issues like this can often occur out of hours and require the keyholder to travel countless miles to the business property. This is not ideal and that’s where we can help. We’ll provide the key holding solution that you need, ensuring that you no longer have to worry about a potential incident like this.

Our Key Holding Service

With our key holding service, you will have an expert team, ready to respond to a security issue at your business property 24/7. Whether it’s the middle of the night or on a weekend our team will be on the scene ready to deal with any security issue and shut off the alarm. Turning the alarm off is important as it can impact levels of productivity the next day and may even cause a disturbance in the area, attracting negative publicity for your company. Issues like this can be completely avoided if you trust in our service.

By granting us access to your business, you can use our team to be the official key holders for your company. Highly trained with full insurance, we can protect all your business assets, ensuring that your property is completely secure after an incident.

Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds has a range of massive businesses operating in and around the town. It is the location of the British Sugar Factory that provides and manufacturers sugar for major companies including Silver Spoon. The town is also home to the largest British owned  Brewery. As well as this, there are various large office complexes around the suburbs of the city. While Bury St Edmunds is a small town, it is not unknown for break-ins to occur here.

That’s why it’s important to have a Key Holding service. With they key holding solution that we provide you can keep your business safe and guarantee that there are no further issues after an alarm has been set off. We will give you the peace of mind you need when you leave the office at the end of the day that if there is a security issue it will be expertly dealt with.

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If you’re looking for an extra level of protection for your business, we are ready to help. Get in touch now, recruit our team and let us show you how easy security can be when you have the right team as your key holder.

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