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Key Holding – Cambridge

Having a good security system is one thing, but you will still need a key holder to go and sort out any problems when your alarm goes off – day or night. Though most of the time, alarms are triggered accidentally, having to deal with it can be frustrating and time-wasting for your business. It can even affect your productivity the next day. The best thing to do, then is to ask a security company to be a key holder for you, relieving your staff of the burden of responsibility and ensuring that the problem is dealt with efficiently, effectively and fast.

We can offer you a reliable 24-hour service, to ensure that your business is never left unattended and the alarm isn’t going off for hours on end. Our team of trustworthy security specialists are just who you need to help in the middle of the night and throughout the day. Nothing is more irritating for your neighbours than a long-running alarm and few things are as distressing than discovering that this was the alarm you should have taken notice of.

Partner with us to ensure that every alarm is seen to as soon as possible and rest assured that our staff know exactly what to do, no matter what the situation is. As our staff have all got backgrounds in police, security or military careers, they are highly trained and know how to secure your premises legally and effectively. You are safe with us.

All of our operatives are screened and comply with BS7858:2012, possess SIA licenses and are trained for their deployment purpose. We’ll never send out someone that we didn’t have the utmost faith in.

Why Access Facilities Management for Key Holding in Cambridge?

  • Continuous cover – we offer a 24/7 service so that whatever time your alarms trigger, we will be there
  • Dependable – our outstanding reputation and service is the pride of our industry and we have built a loyal client base over many years
  • Skilled operatives – our highly skilled security operatives can give you peace of mind and use their exceptional training to secure your premises
  • More for your money – in-house security is an expensive route when you could outsource to us and get more for less
  • Convenient service – we understand that you have plenty to do and won’t get in your way, day or night no matter what the situation
  • Your safety is important – we will cut down the number of burglaries, put a stop to damage to your property and reduce any other negative impacts
  • Licensed and insured – we are fully fully licensed and insured and even if the worst-case scenario should happen, we have everything under control

You can trust us to protect your business and valuables all year round. Our key holding service is an essential part of your security package and you can rely on us to provide an excellent service.

When we provide your security, no-one will be at risk.

Contact us today on 01502 507746 or fill out our contact form find out what we can do for you.

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