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Key Holding Chelmsford

With our prompt and professional key holding, Chelmsford-based businesses can rest assured that their property or premises will remain safe and secure at all times. Access Facilities Management has the experience and experience to deal with all manner of threats, no matter your organisation’s size or sector.

We take great pride in our established client list and strong reputation for providing an outstanding service. Our key holding staff always receive appropriate training and will work alongside your business for an effortless experience.

Access Facilities Management also aims to safeguard your employees and assets without undue interruption, while our afterhours coverage will offer protection when you need it most.

For more information about key holding, Chelmsford businesses can call 01502 507746 or get in touch via our online enquiry form.

What you need to know about key holding Chelmsford

Key holding from Access Facilities Management means that a qualified and adept individual will respond to any instance of an alarm being activated at your place of business. Sometimes it will be a false alarm, in which case they will reset the unit, check that the site is safe, and ensure no threat to security exists.

If you or one of your employees is the key holder, responding to false alarms can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. This is why several businesses enlist the assistance of a dedicated security company that can deliver a reliable round-the-clock service without inconveniencing you or your staff.

Another key benefit is that you and your workforce will not be at personal risk in the event of a genuine security breach.

Access Facilities Management’s key holding Chelmsford service

  • Locking and unlocking – Access Facilities Management can be on hand to lock and unlock your property or premises at the start and end of the day. We will ensure that everything is secure, reducing the threat of burglaries and break-ins. This service also minimises stress and expenses, especially if a set of keys is lost or goes missing.
  • Security patrols – Access Facilities Management can deploy regular security patrols as part of our key holding service. This is more cost-effective than full-time security guards but can still provide adequate protection. Our patrols are carried out to BS7499 standards and can be utilised at times of your choosing.

Essex Police Commissioner Roger Hirst recently revealed that crime in Chelmsford rose by more than 14 per cent over the past year. This underlines the need for robust security solutions such as key holding.

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