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Key holding Essex

Here at Access Facilities Management we are dedicated to providing a reliable and professional security service to our clients. Whether these are big businesses or simply just someone who wants to feel secure and safe in their own home.

We understand how important security is to businesses and individuals which is why we have developed our service to match exactly what our clients are looking for and more.


Why Access Facilities Management?

As a privately owned, family run business we are passionate about providing the ideal security and key holding service for the Essex area.

Customer satisfaction is key for us, and we want to ensure that we are recommended to other businesses for the high level of service we have provided.

We have over 40 years’ experience within the security industry, which means that we have all the right experience, skills and knowledge that are needed to give our customers the very best service.

All of our staff are highly trained SIA licensed security personnel. To ensure that we only have the best, we check every single applicant who wants to work with us. Each person must pass a number of in depth police and security checks before they can begin working with us and our customers.

That is how we can feel peace of mind that we only have the very best people making up our team.


Key Holding in Essex

Essex is an area full of a variety of businesses and companies. Some of these businesses often need assistance with their own security requirements. Whether this is an office building, commercial premises, retail outlet, salon or perhaps a factory.

At Access Facilities Management we can tailor our service to fit in with your particular needs. We can arrange an initial consultation in order to understand more about what you require and tailor our service to match this.

One of our most popular services is key holding.

Being a key holder for a business can cause you stress and frustration. Many key holders will tell you that there have been times that they show up for an alarm call out, only to find that there is absolutely no reason for the alarm to be sounding in the first place. This

Often these calls come in the middle of the night, or perhaps at weekends. After all, the alarms won’t be activated during trading hours. Whether it is on a Saturday afternoon or the early hours of Tuesday morning, these alarm call outs are far from ideal.

If you want to avoid this frustration, why not arrange for Access Facilities Management to act as a key holder for your Essex business?

We will attend the alarm call out on your behalf, see what the issue is and let you know precisely the reason for the call out. All without your or anyone from your company having to leave their home.

Our service will not only give you peace of mind that your business’s premises are secure, but will also stop you and your staff feeling frustrated at unnecessary call outs on their own time.

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