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Key Holding in Suffolk

Suffolk is a relatively quiet East Anglian county, but is blessed with a strong business culture. It’s easy for companies doing business in such a peaceful county to neglect their security, but the dangers still exist and it is vital to safeguard yourself against them. Key holding in Suffolk, just like anywhere else, is a useful and effective security service.


Doing Business in Suffolk

Suffolk has a reputation as a quiet, rural corner of England, but it is still home to its fair share of businesses. The county’s population of more than three quarters of a million people need businesses to serve their needs. The presence of thriving towns such as Ipswich, as well as the proximity of cities such as Cambridge and Norwich in neighbouring counties, also helps to make
Suffolk a attractive home for businesses.

While it’s tempting for the businesses of Suffolk to feel like security is less of a priority as the county does benefit from a low crime rate, this does not mean the county is zero risk. Those who do not take security seriously run the risk of putting themselves first in line for opportunistic crime. There is also the danger of false alarms which, while much better than real security breaches, still need to be dealt with. This is why it can be a very good idea to make use of a trusted security company offering a key holding service in Suffolk.


The Benefits of Professional Key Holders

There are several benefits to making use of professional key holder services. Security companies acting as key holders can provide a highly effective security solution, as well as take a potentially unpleasant responsibility away from your employees. If your alarm goes off out-of-hours, then a key holder will need to come and investigate the situation, or at least reset the system if nothing is wrong.

When an alarm is triggered, the first thing to happen is for a key holder to be contacted, but if this happens in the middle of the night this might not be easy. Potentially, some key holders may not be readily available, and a prompt response may be required at short notice. This can seriously slow down the response to a potential emergency, and is a frustrating inconvenience if it is simply a false alarm. Further to this, it is possible that any key holder within the company will not be properly prepared or trained to deal with a genuine emergency, which is far from ideal if the situation turn out to be dangerous.

Finding a security company to act as a professional key holder in Suffolk can solve all of these problems in one easy move. When a key holder is needed, even in the middle of the night, someone will be ready for immediate dispatch to your business premises.

If you are interested in key holding in Suffolk or another one of our other services, contact us on 01502 507746 or for more information.

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