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Manned Guarding Chelmsford

How can you prevent unauthorised access of your property or premises? The answer is simple – manned guarding. Chelmsford-based businesses can ensure their most valuable assets are always protected against with this dedicated and reliable security solution.

Here at Access Facilities Management, we have been providing businesses across Essex with manned guarding for several years now, with all of our clients enjoying stronger security as a result.

This is thanks in large part to the professionalism and proficiency of our personnel. Every member of staff on the front line has a proven police, security, or military background. They also hold SIA licenses and are screened to comply with BS7858:2012.

In addition to receiving training according to their deployment, our security personnel will also be taught how to integrate into your business for the most seamless solution possible.

If you would like to know more about manned guarding, get in touch with us today on 01502 507746 or fill out our online enquiry form.


The advantages of manned guarding Chelmsford

The reason why manned guarding remains an effective security solution is because it affords a number of unique advantages over other, technology-based options. For example:

  • Always on the scene – There is no response delay with manned guarding, as security personnel will always be on the scene
  • Prevent crime from occurring – The sight of manned guarding is a superb deterrent of crime
  • Accurate reporting – Manned guarding is able to provide accurate and detailed reports about any incident
  • Round-the-clock surveillance – Choose a 24/7 manned guarding solution and your business will always be protected
  • Peace of mind – Staff and customers are sure to feel safer and more secure if manned guarding is present
  • Multitude of senses – Unlike technology, manned guarding can utilise sight, sound, and even smell to prevent crime
  • Improve your reputation – Manned guarding can help you meet your duty of care as well as other heath and safety protocol


The reasons for manned guarding Chelmsford

In Chelmsford, there were 248 burglaries reported to police between April 1 and October 5, 2017 – down from 290 in 2016. Unfortunately, these figures are higher than the force average, with the total number of crimes in Chelmsford totalling 12,000 for 2017.

Police also say there has been a trend of offenders coming from out of the county, committing burglaries and then leaving, making them difficult to trace. This is particularly frustrating for businesses wanting to recover stolen goods, which highlights the need for manned guarding.

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