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Manned Guarding London

By choosing a security solution such as manned guarding, London businesses can ensure their properties remain protected against no matter what. Access Facilities Management has been extending its manned guarding services to organisations across the capital for many years now, consistently delivering the very best in professionalism and proficiency.

All of our staff have proven security, military, or police backgrounds, hold SIA licenses, and are screened to comply with BS7858:2012. We also put our employees through strict training according to their deployment.

Seeing as manned guarding often represents the first point of contact at several businesses, our security personnel will be kind and courteous to members of the public, helping to maintain and improve your reputation.

To receive more information about manned guarding or any of our other security services, get in touch today. Call 01502 507746 or fill out our online enquiry form.


What to expect from manned guarding London

Manned guarding remains a well-favoured security measure at numerous businesses due to the advantages people power has over technology. These include:

  • Visible deterrent – Criminals will be immediately discouraged from attempting a burglary or break-in if there is manned guarding on-site
  • Quick response – Seeing as manned guarding is always on the scene, you can rest assured that any unusual or illegal activity will be spotted straightaway
  • Accurate reporting – You can put your faith in manned guarding to always provide accurate security reports
  • Better surveillance – When combined with CCTV, manned guarding can deliver round-the-clock surveillance, which doesn’t miss any detail
  • Greater reassurance – In the presence of manned guarding, both staff and customers are bound to feel a lot safer and more secure
  • Human senses – As opposed to technology, manned guarding calls upon a variety of senses to identify and stop crime
  • Enhanced reputation – Boost your reputation with manned guarding by meeting your duty of care and any other health and safety protocol


Why the need for manned guarding London

According to statistics published in October 2017, there were almost 70,000 burglaries in Greater London the previous year, putting pressure on police to reassess their priorities. One suggestion, from David Green of think tank Civitas, was to put bobbies back on the beat, which in many respects is akin to manned guarding.

“It has been suggested by academics that bobbies on the beat do not reduce crime, but it is quite clear that a uniformed presence on the streets will act as an effective deterrent,” he said.

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