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Mobile Patrols Chelmsford

Thanks to our mobile patrols, Chelmsford-based businesses feel much safer and more secure. Access Facilities Management’s trained personnel are on hand to detect unusual or illegal activity, prevent thieves from attempting burglaries or break-ins, and protect your property or premises at all times with the utmost professionalism.

Mobile patrols are an extremely effective and versatile solution, as they can be used as and when you require. This has allowed numerous businesses to avoid the expense of a full-time guard but still retain a high-level of security and great value for money.


More about Access Facilities Management’s mobile patrols Chelmsford

Our mobile patrols are available at any time of day for your convenience. However, most businesses utilise them outside of normal office hours, as an absence of staff or customers makes any robbery much easier.

With mobile patrols from Access Facilities Management, you never need to worry about this worst case scenario. You can also rest assured that your property or premises and the valuable assets contained within will be there tomorrow.

Our mobile patrols perform the following duties:

  • Ensure that all doors, windows, and fire exists are closed, locked, and properly secured
  • Carry out both regular and random checks. Locations covered include industrial estates, construction sites, and shopping centres
  • Accompany at-risk staff who are transporting goods of high value such as bank deposits and merchandise
  • Respond to all alarms and take action whenever there is an instance of illegal activity


About Access Facilities Management

All of our mobile patrols have proven security, military, or police backgrounds and will be trained according to their deployment. They are also screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and have SIA licenses.

Access Facilities Management is proud of a long-established reputation for delivering an excellent customer service and superb value for money. This is due in large part to our tailor-made security packages, which are designed with your requirements in mind.


The need for mobile patrols Chelmsford

More and more businesses are strongly considering mobile patrols due to a worrying statement from Essex Police Commissioner Roger Hirst. Before a public meeting earlier this year, he revealed that crime in Chelmsford has noticeably risen over the past year.

Between February 2016 and January 2017, there had been 1,356 more crimes than the previous twelve months. This is a rise of 14 per cent, which will make a number of businesses re-think their security, starting with mobile patrols.

Contact us on 01502 507746 for more information about mobile patrols Chelmsford.

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