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Retail Security Bury St Edmunds

Millions – that’s how much retail stores lose through shoplifting every year. If you don’t have the right security set up for your retail business, it could be seriously impacting your bottom line. How do you fix this issue? We have the solution. At Access Facilities Management, We provide the retail security Bury St Edmunds service you need to keep your business secure and your profits safe.


Understand The Threat

Before you even think about setting up security in your business, you need to make sure you know the threats you face. There are various security issues that you could encounter as a retail business manager.

Shoplifters are the main issue you need to know about. Gone are the days where shoplifters hide products in their bags. These days, they are more clever, savvy and often equipped with both tech and tools. Shoplifters may have tools to cut plastic tags off items or tech to trick security scanners.

You also need to deal with the issue of fraud. Using clever tech, shoplifters can infiltrate your software and systems, potentially stealing customer data or even syphoning off profits. Fraud may also include faking an accident on your premises.


How We Help

To make sure that your business is protected you need a retail security Bury St Edmunds setup that you can trust. We can provide it, first offering full CCTV systems for every corner of your store. This will allow you to keep track, potential stopping a case of fraud before it even begins. Shoplifters can be seen and caught on camera as well, ensuring that there are no issues with a thief escaping the premises.

As well as providing you with the latest tech, we will also make sure that it is set up the right way. We will constantly monitor, adapt and improve your security setup to make sure that you are getting the ultimate level of protection that your business needs.

We have a full team of trained, highly qualified, expert security professionals. They are ready to guard and manage security on your retail shop floor. Experienced in dealing with shoplifters, suspicious customers and cases of fraud, this team will handle any threat in your business. With expert personnel on your premises, you won’t have to worry about a security threat impacting the safety of your employees or your customers.


About Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

With a population of over forty, thousand Bury St Edmunds has a number of popular retail stores and a busy high street. Popular brands including Marks and Spencer as well as local department store Palmers can be found here. As well as this the Arc Shopping Centre houses 38 retail stores.

Each store in Bury St Edmunds needs the proper level of security to prevent potential security threats like shoplifting. With Access Facilities Management, any Bury St Edmunds store can be fully protected, and security issues can be handled effectively.

If you are interested in learning more about this service make sure you get in touch today. We can provide you with the ultimate setup to keep your business safe.

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