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Retail loss is not a small issue. Stores can end up eating costs into the millions if they don’t have an effective strategy to curb the risk of shoplifting and damage to inventory. So, what is the right strategy for you? That’s what Access Facilities Management is here to help you discover.


Retail Security Cambridge

As both a university city and county capital, it should be no surprise that Cambridge might see a higher rate of crime compared to other cities. Business owners need to get used to the fact that the new arrivals that could be new potential customers and also be potential threats. Any city with a population like Cambridge is almost guaranteed to have a greater proportion of criminal activity, too.

What’s more, theft and damage to property are commonly some of the most oft-reported crimes in all of Cambridge, according to crime statistics. Retail businesses have assets that are both attractive and widely available, and anyone can walk into the store at any time. For that reason, you need to take retail security seriously.


Why you need retail security

There is a range of risks that make retail security essential for the vast majority of storefronts and retail businesses. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common sources of loss.

The most obvious risk to most retail business owners is that of the shoplifter. Shoplifters come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t always use the same techniques. Some may simply be opportunists who will take the opportunity to hide items on the way out, but others will use devices that can both remove security tags and get past security scanners without incident.

Fraud is also a serious concern. Digital crime is getting much more common and it’s not only happening to websites. Sophisticated software can also be used to gain access to your own retail systems, stealing customer data, creating false details of accidents leading to legal action, and even directly transferring money from whatever account is available.


Retailers can rely on Access Facilities Management

No two retail security clients are the same in the eyes of Access Facilities Management. All of our services are adapted to best suit your needs. This means more strategic placement of CCTV systems to ensure your shop has few, if any, blind spots.

We can also take into mind some of your most common risk factors. We can set up and monitor your security setup so that high traffic areas get the protection they need and that the signs of theft and fraud can be spotted and addressed as soon as possible.

Access Facilities Management works with retail businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them implement the retail security strategy that can make a real difference to their bottom line. Our team is highly trained, certified, and all come with background checks to ensure you can rely on them. If you’re concerned about the security of your retail business, get in touch and we can start talking about strategy immediately.

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