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In order to protect valuable products from theft while safeguarding the general public, both high-street stores and independent shops are prioritising Retail Security in Colchester.

At Access Facilities Management, we can provide your business with experienced and adept retail security officers to prevent theft in the first place, catch criminals red handed, keep a watchful eye over the shop floor, and give you invaluable peace of mind.


Do you need retail security in Colchester?

Thanks to Lakeside Shopping Centre and Freeport Braintree as well as Colchester town centre, the public have plenty of opportunities to shop until they drop across Essex. But unfortunately for retailers, this means there will be shoplifters looking to snatch and steal from their premises too.

Furthermore, business owners and store managers must also recognise the ever-present threat that their own employees pose, as the temptation of taking goods from the stockroom is too much for some to resist.

This is why employing the services of a retail security guard makes perfect sense. In addition to patrolling the shop floor and protecting products from theft, security guards can also make the public feel comfortable and keep staff on their toes.

With a security guard on hand to pre-empt and prevent criminal activity, you don’t need to worry about the worst-case scenario of going to court for prosecution either.


About us

We are a privately owned family business, which allows us to provide you with committed customer service and unrivalled value for money. Over the past decade Access Facilities Management has delivered tailor-made solutions to a growing client base.

Each member of staff receives specific training according to their deployment, such as retail security, and is screened to comply with BS7858:2012. Access Facilities Management only employs people with proven security, military, or police backgrounds for the utmost professionalism and greater reassurances.

If you have any problems, you can always contact Access Facilities Management’s management team, who are available round-the-clock.


Reasons for retail security in Colchester

Official figures released in 2016 revealed that police are recording more shoplifting offences than at any other time over the past 13 years. This was one of the biggest contributing factors behind a two per cent rise in the number of ‘property crimes’ logged by forces in England and Wales too.

For the year ending in March, police recorded 336,505 shoplifting offences, the highest volume since the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are considering greater retail security in Colchester.

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