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Retail security Essex

Regardless of whether it’s a high-street department store or local independent shop, the need for retail security in Essex is of the utmost importance to protect valuable items from theft.

Access Facilities Management has experienced and adept retail security officers to prevent robberies, catch criminals in the act, safeguard your business’s reputation and give you invaluable peace of mind.


Reasons for retail security in Essex

From Colchester town centre to Lakeside Shopping Centre and Freeport Braintree, there are ample opportunities for consumers to shop until they drop across Essex. However, this also means there is plenty of temptation for thieves to snatch and steal from retailers too.

Shoplifters aren’t the only threat facing shops and stores in Essex though. There is the ever-present possibility that a retailer’s own employees will take what they want when bosses aren’t looking, which can be even harder to prevent and detect.

But if you choose to employ the services of a dedicated retail security officer, your business can avoid issues relating to in-store crime. Along with guarding your products and profits, you can also ensure the health and safety of customers too.

What’s more, you will avoid the expensive and often unrewarding process of prosecution by tackling theft before it occurs.


About Access Facilities Management

Access Facilities Management is a privately owned family business, which allows us to give our customers an excellent service and superb value for money. For nearly half a decade, we have been there to provide an established list of loyal clients with various security solutions.

For retail security, we only employ personnel with proven security, military or police backgrounds for the utmost professionalism and proficiency. All members of staff are screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and will receive specific training according to their deployment, such as security guarding.

Access Facilities Management always prioritises the customer’s experience. So, for retail security, our staff will aim to seamlessly integrate with your company culture and existing employees to provide an extra layer of protection without sacrificing anything else.

If you have any problems, Access Facilities Management’s management team is contactable for your convenience 24/7 and will resolve any issues as efficiently and courteously as possible. We will guarantee to provide replacement staff within three working hours should the need arise as well.


The need for retail security in Essex

Earlier this year, official figures revealed that police are recording more shoplifting offences than at any other time in the past 13 years. This trend was one of the reasons behind a two per cent rise in the number of “property crimes” logged by forces in England and Wales.

In fact, police recorded 336,505 shoplifting offences in the year ending in March, which represents a three per cent rise and the highest volume since the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard.

A study published by the Office for National Statistics said: “The longer-term trend in shoplifting recorded by the police is different from that seen for other theft offences. While most theft offences saw steady declines over much of the last decade, incidents of recorded shoplifting have shown comparatively little change over this time.”

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