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Can you afford to give your money away? Without the right security services for your retail business, that may be exactly what you are doing. Shoplifting, inventory damage, and fraud can all dramatically impact your bottom line. Let Access Facilities Management stop that from happening.


Retail Security Great Yarmouth

The idyllic nature of Great Yarmouth makes it an excellent spot for tourists and visitors. Retailers in the area will be more than happy that such a prime location attracts plenty of new customers during peak season, as well as the local residents. However, savvy business owners that a greater traffic of new faces coming in and out of town also represents a risk. Most visitors may have nothing but the best intentions, but there are opportunists who will take the chance to be a faceless criminal that can vanish as quickly as they appeared.

Retail areas in central Great Yarmouth, like Temple Road, are especially prone to shoplifting, fraud, and other kinds of threats to retailers. To ensure that your profits don’t go down the drain (or into the pockets of another), a closer look at your security is crucial.


Common retail risks

To put in place the best possible retail security strategies, you first need to understand what the threats are. There is a range of different criminal risks that can impact not just your bottom line, but your team’s sense of security, too.

Shoplifting is the most common concern that retail business owners might have on their mind. No longer is shoplifting as simple as sneaking an item in a purse or under a coat. As retail security, such as tags and sensors, get more sophisticated, so too do shoplifters. Nowadays, many of them will carry tools and devices that can either get rid of security tags entirely or block security scanners, allowing them to get away with your inventory.

Digital crime is on the rise, and it doesn’t only impact websites. Some savvy criminals use software to infiltrate the systems in your shop. From digital point of service equipment to the administrative IT equipment, you can lose customer data and financial account details if you can’t keep an eye on those getting too close to digital equipment.


How Access Facilities Management can help

How we help depends on the needs of your business. We will take your fears and the layout of the store into consideration, ensuring maximum coverage and specific focus on the most at-risk areas of the premises.

Our team will also fully monitor the security system as its implemented and can provide insight on how your team can spot or prevent instances of theft and fraud as soon as possible.

If you need retail security, then Access Facilities Management can be just the partner you need. We’ve worked with businesses of all kinds in premises of all shapes and sizes. Our team of trained, experienced, certified experts can be relied upon to give you the tools with which you can thoroughly protect your business. If you want to find out more or discuss the next step in your security strategy, get in touch.

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