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Retail Security Ipswich

Are you looking for retail security Ipswich business owners can trust? Welcome to Access Facilities Management, we’ll handle all your security needs.

If you are managing or own a retail store, security needs to be a top priority. Your business is exposed to numerous threats that don’t impact other companies. Shoplifting is a common issue for retail shops with some companies losing thousands through theft every year. If you are looking for ways to protect your bottom line, you need to start with security.

Shoplifting isn’t the only concern. Retail stores these days also need to deal with suspicious customers who could be looking to cause trouble, fraud and even people who come equipped with specialist tools. One of the easiest ways to get a product out of a store is to cut the price tag off. Even plastic tags can be cut off if you have the right tool.

Are you worried about your retail shop? We have the answer.


Trust Our Security Service

With our security service, you can avoid some of the common issues that retail businesses face. We will provide the latest state of the art tech and set it up around your business store. This will include HD CCTV, providing a clear picture of every inch of your store. As well as allowing you to monitor everything that’s going on across the shop floor, this will help you pinpoint threats and tackle them before they become more serious. But that’s not all.

With CCTV around your business premises, you can set up a deterrent, ensuring that thieves don’t even try to shoplift from your business.

As well as providing you with state of the security tech, you’ll also have a fully trained team to guard your business. Fully qualified, this expert security team will mark every entrance and exit way to your shop and ensure that no thieves escape undetected. Highly experienced, our security personnel know how to handle shoplifters the right way and keep a dangerous situation under control.

With a full security team, you can guarantee that your business is safe for employees and customers alike on the shop floor.

As well as providing daily security support, we will manage and maintain your security set up, ensuring that any issues are dealt with. We will constantly monitor and improve your security to provide the best level of defence for your business.


About Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

With a population of over 135,000, Ipswich is a thriving urban hub, home to a number of popular retail stores. With shopping centres, a busy high street and outlet villages in the suburbs, this county town of Suffolk is a popular shopping location. Of course, the shops here do need to the highest level of security to prevent potential threats developing. With our services, these threats can be eliminated, and we can keep any store in Ipswich safe, protecting business assets.

If you are interested in learning more about retail security get in touch today. At Access Facilities Management, we can offer expert advice and make sure you have the security set up your retail store needs.

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