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Retail Security Kings Lynn

Need to safeguard your stock from shoplifters with retail security? Kings Lynn businesses should get in touch with Access Facilities Management – an experienced and adept provider of SIA licensed security personnel.

Our aim is to prevent theft from happening in the first place by keeping a watchful eye over your shop floor. If there is any illegal activity, our retail security officers will step in to catch criminals red handed and ensure your business doesn’t incur any losses.

We only employ personnel with proven security, military, or police backgrounds. All our staff are also screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and will receive specific training according to their deployment, in this case retail security.

To discover more about retail security, Kings Lynn businesses should contact us today – call 01502 507746, email, or fill out our online enquiry form.


Why do you need retail security? Kings Lynn

  • Avert crime – Most thieves won’t bother targeting shops or stores with a physical security presence
  • Monitor activity – Our retail security officers are trained to observe suspicious activity for the ultimate in crime prevention
  • Increase safety – Both members of staff and the general public will feel much safer under the close protection of a security guard
  • On-the-spot assistance – Security guards are often the first point of contact for many customers, reducing responsibility for your staff
  • Quick response – If you are the victim of crime, our trained retail security officers will respond quickly with the correct procedures
  • Undercover officers – Discrete store detectives can also be used to ensure staff, stock, and customers remain protected
  • CCTV surveillance – Access Facilities Management can provide you with cutting-edge CCTV packages for even more peace of mind


The need for retail security – Kings Lynn crime information

Last year, retailers in Kings Lynn town centre joined forces with the local police in an attempt to tackle shoplifting and disorderly behaviour. Known as ‘Operation Apart’, shop owners are given a profile of the 20 most prolific shoplifters operating in the area and will talk through the best way to stop them during a monthly meeting with police.

PC Gary Morris said: “My aim is to keep up that engagement with retailers and continuing the message that town centre is not a place to commit theft – a lot of people think shoplifting is a victimless crime. The engagement with retailers will mean listening to their problems and coming up with plans.”

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