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The threat of shoplifting and employee theft is a very real possibility for several businesses, from high-street department stores to small independent shops. So, if you need to protect your organisation and its most valuable assets, choose the experience and expertise of Access Facilities Management to provide retail security in London.

Our highly skilled retail security officers will be on hand to deter theft, prevent robberies, catch criminals in the act, protect your reputation, and offer unrivalled peace of mind.

Reasons for retail security in London

London is one of the greatest cities for shopping in the world, with popular destinations including Westfield Stratford City and the renowned Oxford Street. Although these locations are dominated by honest consumers, there will also be plenty of shoplifters looking to take advantage of lax security.

But even if you successfully manage to identify and discourage shoplifters through security guards or CCTV, you could become vulnerable in other areas. For example, there is the ever-present danger that your own employees could be taking stock or stealing money.

However, by enlisting the services of a professional security firm such as Access Facilities Management, you can ensure no stone is left unturned in the fight against retail theft. We not only ensure that your products and profits remain protected, our seasoned staff can also assist customers and make them feel at ease.

Retail security in London from Access Facilities Management

For retail security, we only employ personnel with proven security, military, or police backgrounds. All of our employees are screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and will receive specific training according to their deployment, such as security guarding.

In order to deliver on our promises and prioritise the customer experience, Access Facilities Management’s staff will aim to integrate with your company culture and existing employees. Therefore, you will benefit from an extra layer of protection without sacrificing your identity.

Every retail security package we provide is tailor-made according to the client. Over the past five years, we have established a loyal list of clients thanks to this personalised service.

The need for retail security in London

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the cost of UK retail crime has soared to a record £613m. This has been driven by sophisticated criminal gangs stealing luxury goods such as designer clothing and hi-tech gadgets.

“These figures demonstrate the growing cost of crime against retailers – both human and financial,” said BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson.

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