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A retail business can legitimately lose millions due to crime. Shoplifting is getting more sophisticated and digital crimes like fraud and data theft are more prevalent than ever before. If you own a retail business in Lowestoft, now is the time to seriously consider your need for retail security services from providers like Access Facilities Management.


Retail Security Lowestoft

With famously beautiful sunrises and a whole host of tourist attractions, Lowestoft sees its fair share of visitors. It makes for an obvious location for retail business. Not only do the businesses on the coast and in the Waveney district benefit from a population of over 70,000 consumers. When peak season comes, there’s a steady stream of tourists coming and going, bringing with them the spending money that sustains many a local business.

However, the high traffic of the area can also present a high risk. Most visitors are well-intentioned, but retailers are aware that a greater number of people also means a greater risk of theft and other crime. A rise in violent crime throughout the town has also given rise to fears about safety in the area too.


The threats to your business

Inventory loss by way of shoplifting may be your first concern. The risk is getting more complicated, too. Many shops have in place security tags and scanners to prevent shoplifters. In response, however, more shoplifters are using sophisticated tools that can either block your scanners from working or can simply remove the tags so they can escape without issue.

Fraud is becoming more and more of a pertinent risk, too. If the wrong person gets access to the digital equipment in your store, they can use it to steal personal data on your customers or financial details that can see them siphoning money directly from business accounts. Businesses that suffer a breach or data theft close after an average of two years, so it’s not a risk you can afford.

As mentioned, violent crime has been increasing in Lowestoft as of late, including violent robberies. Though retail businesses are not specifically targeted for this type of crime, having an extra security presence can lend some peace-of-mind to your team.


Our solution

CCTV systems are amongst some of the most effective security solutions a retail business can implement. By thoroughly learning the layout of your premises, we can position systems around the shop to offer as wide a view as possible, as well as targeting the areas where shoplifting is most common. Our team will thoroughly monitor your security system during its implementation, helping you spot signs of theft and fraud much earlier.

What’s more, CCTV is an effective deterrent to crime, too. The majority of criminals are opportunists. CCTV poses a risk to them, making them less likely to target your store. Whether you’re ready to offer your business and your team a greater sense of security or you want to find out more about what we can offer, get in touch with Access Facilities Management.

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