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Security Services Great Yarmouth

To protect your assets and employees with impenetrable security, Great Yarmouth businesses should enlist the services of Access Facilities Management.

Over the years, Access Facilities Management has established a long list of valued clients, all of which receive the same high levels of customer service, security solutions, and value for money. We are a privately owned family business that has been operating for nearly half a decade in the security industry.

Our aim is to provide each client with a tailor-made package according to their unique needs, which will always be backed by the highest standards of service. All of our employees, who are background screened to comply with BS7858:2012, also have proven security, military, or police backgrounds.

To discover more about security, Great Yarmouth businesses should get in touch with us today. Call 01502 507746 or fill out our online enquiry form.


Everything you need to know about our security – Great Yarmouth

  • Alarm response – In response to instances of break-ins or burglaries and complete comprehensive checks to safeguard your premises.
  • CCTV monitoring – CCTV monitoring enables operators to see incidents or activity in excellent detail for even more accurate reporting.
  • Key holding – With a professional key holder, staff will not be put at personal risk in the event of a genuine security breach.
  • Manned guarding – To prevent unauthorised access and occupation of a property or premises.
  • Mobile patrols – Comprehensive protection of your business thanks to round-the-clock surveillance and a wide range of security checks.
  • Corporate security – Protecting your company and its most valuable assets, confidential data, or sensitive information.
  • Retail security – To recognise and mitigate potential threats before they can develop, such as shoplifting and internal theft.
  • Vacant property protection – Ensuring your premises and possessions don’t suffer unnecessary loss or damage.


Access Facilities Management – Great Yarmouth local information

The value of CCTV was recently highlighted by Great Yarmouth’s town centre manager Jonathan Newman, who reassured residents that its control room had been involved in over 2,500 incidents and helped to make 700 arrests over the past 12 months.

“I can reassure people that the CCTV operation we have in place is monitored very closely and helps to make the town a safe place,” said Newman. “We have various crime reduction schemes in place which have proved to be successful and make Great Yarmouth a safer and more enjoyable town for visitors and residents to be.”

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