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Key Holding

Why Use an External Key Holders Service?

Usually, a business owner, branch manager, or person in a similar senior position will be the chief key holder for a business property. However, there are many situations when it can be significantly more convenient and effective to have additional key holders who are part of an external service rather than staff members within the business. Some of the main reasons you may want to consider using such a service include the following:


When a business owner or member of staff is the primary keyholder, this usually means they are the one called when the alarm goes off. When this happens in the middle of the night or while the person in question is some distance away from the site, this can be hugely inconvenient and, by severely interrupting sleep, can affect performance at work the next day. Often, the alarm is going off as a result of an accident or an incident has already been mercifully averted, so all the staff member or business owner actually does is to turn off the alarm and confirm that all is well.

An external service will take this responsibility out of the hands of the business owner, manager or staff member without compromising on security or quality of service. An experienced security professional key holder will respond to the incident and do everything that is necessary upon their arrival at the property.


An external key holder service and alarm response service will also provide a better security solution. While business owners, managers and other staff members are often undoubtedly committed to their business and willing to put in the effort, they may not be able to respond as effectively to an incident as a trained security professional. It is just not their specialism. When the alarm goes off late at night or while they are some distance away it can also mean that staff members, through no fault of their own, are unable to provide a prompt response.

A professional, external key holder service that includes alarm response will ensure that somebody is onsite quickly and efficiently when the alarm goes off. It will also mean that the person who arrives onsite is a trained professional who will be able to respond in the best possible way to any incident.

Combine With Additional Services

Often, a key holders service can be combined with other security services as part of a wider security package. This can make using such a service more convenient and cost-effective than it might be when used in isolation. A complete and comprehensive security package can bring all of the above benefits and more, ensuring that your business and its property stay safe.

Often, a key holder service will be combined with a somewhat related service. Alarm response is extremely closely related, for example, as this is one of the key duties that holding a key entails. Other security services that could be combined with it include lock and unlock services or less obviously related but extremely useful ones such as security patrols.

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