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A Guide to Mobile Security Patrols

Access Facilities Management offers a range of specialised security services for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Our mobile security patrols are amongst some of the most popular, particularly for smaller businesses that don’t have their own dedicated security team. We’re going to take a closer look at what mobile security patrols are, what you can expect from this service, and how they can potentially benefit your business. Let’s see if we can add some much-needed presence to your security strategy.

What are mobile security patrols?

As the name suggests, the use of a marked and branded vehicle is at the core of a mobile security patrol. These vehicles contain one or more uniformed security team members that conduct regular checks of the site. Whether the timing of these visits is random or specifically set, how much of the area they patrol, and any key areas that require additional focus can all be determined by you, the client. A good mobile security patrol involves finding out about your needs and relevant risks. Most involve checking the exterior perimeter of a property and openings like doors and windows, but they can include a check of the interior, too.

The benefits of mobile security patrols as well

The vehicle-assisted nature of these patrols means that a lot of ground can covered in relatively short time. What’s more, mobile security can naturally respond to any potential risks more quickly. It also offers the benefit of having a real human presence without the costliness of a constant security presence. Out of all the possible security solutions you can use, having trained, uniformed security officers can be the greatest deterrent of all.

Seeing the results of your mobile security patrol

Our team is trained to use mobile PDA devices, as well as direct communications with the head office, to provide a full report and account of any patrols carried out on the site. These reports can also contain specific details about what occurred during the patrol and photographs of damage or other suspicious changes. NFC tags can also be placed around the property, so that officers can use their mobile devices to verify their presence.

The costs of mobile security patrols

To get a full understanding of what a mobile security patrol might cost, it’s recommended you get in touch with Access Facilities Management. This is because costs can vary based on the location of the premises, the size of it, and both the frequency and time of patrols. For instance, five patrols will cost more than four, and one patrol that inspects the interior will likely cost more than one that simply inspects the perimeter

Access Facilities Management can help you get a better idea of costs and what our mobile security patrol services might mean for your business in particular, so get in touch to find out more. We take into consideration the needs of our clients, so if there is a more cost-effective and strategy available, we can help you find it and implement it.


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