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The Top 5 Attributes of a Great Door Supervisor

The Top 5 Attributes of a Great Door Supervisor

According to the Security Industry Authority, there are just over 250,000 licensed door supervisors in the UK. But what does it take to fulfil this role with the utmost professionalism?

For some, a great door supervisor will have physical strength, while others believe they need composure in difficult and demanding situations. In fact, there’s numerous attributes every great door supervisor has, starting with the following:

  1. Training

First and foremost, the very best door supervisors undergo training to achieve their required certifications and licenses. During their training, door supervisors will learn about the legal aspects of the job and build a knowledge base on how to perform the job.

Along with increasing competence, door supervisor training can help with an individual’s confidence too. After all, a sense of self-assurance is vital when making quick decisions in the heat of the moment.

  1. Common sense

Common sense is one of those things you can’t easily teach and often needs to be ingrained within a door supervisor’s character. However, another aspect of common sense is good judgement power, which can be improved with experience over time.

In certain situations, good judgement power is needed to make the correct call and act in the right way. From taking things into their own hands to asking for assistance and following protocol, there are a number of ways in which door supervisors must make good judgement calls.

  1. Communication skills

Seeing as several door supervisors work in environments where the people they come into contact with have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs, the ability to communicate in a clear and concise way is imperative. Even if customers aren’t under the influence, door supervisors will still encounter people from all walks of life, which requires tactfulness.

Another reason why communications skills are so important is because certain situations could turn ugly and require legal intervention. If a door supervisor needs to go to court, they must be able to testify their observations succinctly.

  1. Physical fitness

Most of the time, door supervisors won’t need to utilise their physical fitness. But because there’s always a possibility of being called into action, things like stamina and strength are paramount.

In addition to being able to defend themselves, door supervisors may also need to protect customers. This is where the importance of physical fitness really comes to the fore.

  1. Honesty

No matter whether its during their conversations with customers or when communicating the events of a shift to their superiors, honesty is a must-have attribute. Door supervisors need to be reliable and trusted to look after the best interests of all parties.

This also means being firm but fair. Door supervisors should be friendly and approachable but at the same time act with authority and influence when required.

Here at Access Facilities Management, all of our door supervisors possess these attributes. They’re available for almost every event or occasion, making sure your needs are always met. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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