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Useful security tips

Useful security tips for small businesses

Research commissioned by Verisure in 2018 revealed that burglaries involving small businesses cost the British economy over £1.8bn.

According to the findings, the average property loss reported by senior decision makers in the event of a burglary was £2k. Furthermore, 37% of small businesses are said to keep equipment worth £10k or more on their premises.

It goes without saying that small businesses need to be incredibly vigilant against the threat of crime. Unfortunately, several decision makers don’t take active security precautions until it’s too late.

With this in mind, here’s some actionable security tips every small business can follow to ensure burglaries and break-ins do not occur.

Have more than one security measure

You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to security. If you only have one security measure, such as CCTV surveillance, thieves will find it easier to exploit other vulnerabilities. Use a variety of security solutions to provide all-encompassing protection.

Train your staff in security

Although a lot depends on the nature of your business, training your workforce in best security practice makes perfect sense. Members of staff will always be alert to suspicious activity and can take action immediately.

Consider the appearance of your property or premises

There are numerous aesthetic considerations you need to be aware of when protecting your business. For example, ‘We Are Closed’ signs and a lack of good lighting will be seen as open invitations by thieves to steal from your business.

Check your security solutions work

As with other pieces of technology and equipment, it’s a good idea to regularly check that your security solutions actually work. From burglar alarms to CCTV cameras, make sure they’re in good condition and best servicing your needs.

Check your key holder details

No matter whether it’s because of staff turnover or a change in responsibilities, several businesses will change their key holder from time to time. As soon as you do this, make sure their details are updated with the police or your security company.

Update your insurance policies

Chances are you’ve got a number of insurance policies for your business, and keeping on top of all of them can be stressful. But don’t ignore or overlook the importance of updating your insurance policies to see whether you need additional cover.

Understand your access points

Along with checking all entry and exit points of your business to ensure they can’t be tampered with, think about introducing some sort of access system for staff. Swipe cards and key fobs are better than keys for business security.

Keep an eye on the local news

How often do you see a story in the local news about a burglary or break-in affecting a business? By keeping an eye out for crimes nearby (and making a note of how they happened) you can better prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.

For more small business security tips or to find out how we could help better protect your property, get in touch with Access Facilities Management today.

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