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Security Services Explained

The different types of security services explained

Increasing crime figures and threat levels in today’s society make for grim reading. Thankfully, the security options at one’s disposal are expanding at a similar rate, primarily driven by cutting-edge technology.

Even so, traditional methods of security are still proving to be as effective as ever. It all depends on your organisation’s unique requirements.

Here at Access Facilities Management, we provide each client with a tailor made package appropriate to their security needs, backed by the highest standards of service.

But what options are available to you? Here’s a run down of popular security services and how they might be beneficial to your business.

  • Manned Guarding

This is arguably the most popular security measure among commercial clients and private customers. Manned guarding means having security officers on hand to protect a property, premises or event from intruders. They can also deal with loss prevention and provide protection against assault or violence. Manned guarding is prevalent among retail shops and buildings where unauthorised access is prohibited.

  • Mobile patrols

Mobile patrols are similar to manned guarding in that they utilise people power and capitalise on the human touch. Officers will patrol a customer’s property or premises, typically in a security vehicle, at specific times of day. Mobile patrols are particularly effective for vulnerable locations and will dissuade thieves from breaking into or vandalising a building.

  • Key holding

Many businesses will have a member of staff as its designated key holder. However, it makes sense to give this responsibility to a security company instead, as they’ll be able to gain access to the premises, respond efficiently to any problem and take immediate action. Security personnel with the appropriate experience and training are much better suited to key holding than ordinary employees.

  • Guard dogs

The idea of employing guard dogs for security purposes might seem outmoded, but it is an increasingly popular option in many industries. Security dogs that are NASDU accredited and SIA compliant can help provide an extra level of safety, alert their handler to anything suspicious and defend against trespassers.

  • CCTV monitoring

Although CCTV technology has advanced to the point where systems now feature smartphone connectivity and can record images in high definition, having a trained individual to observe activity in real time is invaluable. They’ll be able to take necessary action immediately, such as delivering an audible warning, sending in security personnel to investigate or contacting the authorities.

  • Traffic marshals/car park security

This is where officers are utilised to ensure the safe movement of vehicles around a site, thus allowing for constant movement and the prevention of accidents. Car park security can also prevent theft and damage to vehicles through the use of static guarding, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring, and controlled access.

Choosing one or more of the above services from Access Facilities Management

Selecting who to trust with your security needs is one of the most important business decisions you will make. But with a long established client list, strong reputation for excellent service and a highly trained workforce, you can put your faith in Access Facilities Management. Contact us today to discuss your security requirements.

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