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Business Security – Shoplifting Prevention

According to security industry mainstay ADT, it is estimated that 35.8 per cent of annual loses due to shrinkage are attributed to shoplifting. Furthermore, the number one reason for shoplifting is that thieves find it easy with little to no risk involved.

Even though so much is at stake, it seems as though several retailers are failing to do enough to prevent their prized assets from being stolen in-store.

This is where companies like Access Facilities Management can help. In addition to services such as retail officers, we also strive to provide our clients with advice about business security and shoplifting prevention. Here are some top tips you should always follow.

Identify shoplifting techniques

Despite the fact you may get opportune poachers entering your store, a large number of shoplifters work in pairs or large groups in order to distract and confuse staff. You should also be aware of things like handbags, strollers, and umbrellas, as these are used to quickly conceal stolen goods.

Always be mindful of how shoppers are acting too. Be suspicious if they take several items into a dressing room but leave with less, seem nervous when picking up products to look at, and spend more time watching staff than actually shopping.

Use customer service to your advantage

In addition to providing information and encouraging purchases, your staff can also act as a preventative measure against shoplifting. For example, if they greet each customer that walks through the door, any potential pilferers will know of their presence straightaway.

You can also train cashiers about the prices of products and be mindful of tag switching, have a code that alerts other team members to suspicious activity, and make sure there are enough floor staff walking around at any given time.

Keep your store organised

A messy and disorganised store could encourage shoplifters to swipe an item, as there is less chance you will know what has been taken. After all, empty spaces on your shelves are an immediate indication that something is missing.

“You want to keep all your merchandise ‘faced,’ which means pulling your products to the edge of the shelf to create a solid wall of product,” says Chris McGoey, security expert and founder of Crime Doctor. “If someone sweeps the shelf, then it is easy to tell.”

Optimise the store’s design and layout

Don’t underestimate how your shop’s design and layout can minimise opportunities for shoplifters to steal. Simply eliminate blind spots in corners by installing mirrors, keep expensive items in locked cabinets, and place your checkout near or on the way to the door so customers must pass it before leaving.

A lot can also be said for putting up signs that make shoplifters aware of your determination to catch them. However, SmartSign co-founder and CEO Blair Brewster warns, “The goal of retail theft-prevention signs is to scare the thieves, not to intimidate legitimate buyers. Your signs should be a reflection of who you are and what you’re selling.”

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