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Using a Security Company to Protect Your Company

Why businesses need manned guarding

For all the technological advancements the security industry has witnessed over the past few years, some of the more traditional deterrents remain the best. In fact, there aren’t many other security solutions that are as reliable and effective as manned guarding.

So, why would your business need manned guarding? Here is a quick look at the main benefits of enlisting the services of experienced and qualified security professionals to protect your property or premises.

Visual deterrent

First and foremost, manned guarding is a clear visual deterrent, which will prevent criminals from attempting a break-in or burglary. Even the most opportune thief won’t fancy their chances against the intimidating presence of a security guard.

Accurate reporting

With manned guarding you can rest assured that every reported incident will be genuine. For example, a false alarm triggered by faulty equipment, power supply problems, unlocked doors and windows or incorrect installation can waste a great deal of time, effort, and money.

Immediate response

If there is an incident of trespassing, vandalism, or crime, manned guarding can provide an immediate response. Thanks to appropriate training, they will know exactly how to handle the situation and either confront the intruder or contact the authorities for further support.

CCTV surveillance

For properties and premises with CCTV surveillance, manned guarding can monitor the video footage in real-time and act upon any suspicious activity. Even though modern CCTV systems now feature motion sensors and detection technology, several businesses like having a human presence too.

Human senses

The all seeing eye of CCTV can record almost every inch of a property or premises, but it still doesn’t benefit from other human senses such as hearing. Manned guarding may be able to hear any possible breach before the cameras pick it up, leading to a quicker response.

Added safety

For both members of staff and the general public, manned guarding can provide a greater sense of safety. There is no need for employees working late to worry about their own wellbeing, while customers will feel more comfortable and at ease in the presence of a security guard.

Better reputation

By choosing a manned guarding solution, it shows that you not only care about the health and safety of your workforce, but also anybody else that comes to visit the business. This in turn can elevate your reputation and improve relationships.

Manned guarding from Access Facilities Management

You can enjoy all of these advantages and more if you take advantage of our manned guarding solutions. Our staff are able to provide security guarding, door supervision, close protection, and CCTV surveillance.

Employees working on the front line for Access Facilities Management will undergo specific industry training according to their type of deployment. All our staff are background screened to comply with BS7858:2012 and we only supply personnel with proven security, military, or police backgrounds too.

Access Facilities Management will listen to your requirements carefully and come up with a tailor-made package. So, from high profile uniformed officers to discrete manned guarding, we can make your business safer and more secure.

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