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External Security Companies

Why Do Companies Use External Security Companies

According to the FSB, the average cost of offline crime per business affected is now £5,898. What’s more, statistics have revealed that a third of small firms believe crime is increasing in their area as well.

Despite this, businesses are not reporting incidents to the police because they do not think it will result in anything being done. That being so, several companies are choosing to enlist the services of an external security expert.

But what are the other reasons why you should use an external security company to safeguard your business against threats such as burglaries, break-ins, organised crime, and information theft?

Experience and expertise

Seeing as an external security firm live and breathe the industry, they will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your business. Its workforce will be screened, trained, uniformed, and equipped to the highest standards possible. Security guards routinely have industry-recognised qualifications, while management teams typically posses diversified backgrounds.

Risk and liability

By outsourcing security you will pass on a portion of your liability and protection, thus reducing insurance premiums and potential claims. Depending on your organisation’s size and sector, the savings you can afford by shifting risk to a third party can even offset the cost of outsourcing security. For many businesses, this is the single most compelling reason for employing an external security company.

Products and profits

No matter whether it’s the presence of guards or a CCTV monitoring system, an external security company can safeguard your products and possessions from theft. In turn, this will protect your bottom-line too, as you won’t suffer unnecessary losses that could have otherwise been prevented.

Reassurance and reputation

The sight of a professional security guard will put customers and members of the public at ease straight away, making them feel more comfortable at your place of business. An external security company can also help maintain the company’s reputation, as news of an opportunistic break-in or information theft could leave your standing in tatters.


In order to meet temporary requirements such as additional support for an event or a short-term change in threat, an external security company can provide supplementary skills, equipment, and manpower. It is much more difficult to manage fluctuating demand in-house because temporary security staff aren’t always readily available and you won’t want to go down the recruitment route for fleeting positions.


Choose to manage security in-house and you will spend an untold amount of money on recruitment, background checks, training, uniforms, equipment, and sustainment. On top of that, you have got the everyday expenses of employee taxes, holiday pay, benefits, overtime, relief for days off, and annual raises. However, costs don’t have to spiral out of control if you opt for an external security company instead.

All of the aforementioned advantages can be realised by choosing Access Facilities Management as your external security company. For more information and to discuss your requirements, get in touch with one of our friendly employees today.

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