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Top 10 reasons to work in Security

Working in security can be a challenging job but it is also incredibly fulfilling. There are lots of roles available and you will have lots of opportunities to build up your experience.

Here are just 10 of the best reasons to work in security.

1. You Will Make People Feel Safer

At large events or even just on a night out, people tend to feel much safer when they can see people working in security. You will be there for them while they have fun and will be able to sort out any issues that may arise.

2. It Looks Great on Your CV

Security training will always look good on your CV as it shows extensive people skills as well as the ability to stay calm and work in a team.

3. You Can Work Part Time or Casually

Security jobs come in all shapes and sizes and can be fitted around your lifestyle quite easily. For example, some may offer regular work, whereas other security gigs may be one-offs. This gives you the opportunity to fit your work around your lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

4. Work With People

Many modern jobs are now very isolating and require you to spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Security is the complete opposite: not only will you be working closely with a team, but you will also be dealing with members of the public at the time. Security is a great opportunity for sociable people.

5. You Will Gain New Skills

Working with peoples will inevitably mean that you develop your people skills, but you will also have lots of opportunities to do other kinds of training such as conflict and crisis management.

6. Gain New Experiences

No two events are the same and working in security will certainly bring you lots of new experiences. From working on the door of a club to managing a crowd at a festival or patrolling a shopping centre, all security roles add to your experience.

7. Attend Some Great Events

Just as you will gain new experiences while you work, you will also have the chance to attend some fantastic events which you can enjoy in your breaks and time off.

8. Be Prepared for Anything

As you gain experience as part of a security team, you will learn how to respond to all kinds of circumstances and be prepared to deal with anything. This is a great life skill to have and will look great on your CV as well.

9. Work in a Diverse Team

Security teams rely on having a diverse group and you can meet some brilliant people while you work. Security is a growing market and people of all nationalities are represented in this industry. Women are also increasingly common and are well sought after, especially at large events.

10. There’s Room for Progression

There is plenty of room to work your way up through the ranks as a security professional and as you gain more experience, you will be able to apply for promotions and move up through the ranks.

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