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Construction sites security

Why security services are vital for construction sites

On the face of it, a construction site might not seem the go-to destination for a treasure trove of valuable items, but you’d be surprised at what opportunistic thieves steal and sell. For example, metal used for architectural purposes such as lead, zinc, copper, and aluminium often has a great deal of scrap value.

What’s more, there’s a good chance heavy plant and machinery will be left on site overnight, which are ‘big ticket’ items for many criminals. And while most workers will secure their own tools or take them home, thieves are always on the lookout for expensive goods to sell on quickly and easily.

But as well as being an opportunity to make some money, construction sites are often targeted by vandals. Although some offences are minor, others can lead to project delays and prove costly in the long run.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for every construction site to have some sort of security in place. Along with protecting valuable and important assets from damage and theft, construction site security also ensures that projects can run smoothly and on time.

On top of that, some insurance companies will refuse to insure construction sites without any evidence of suitable security measures, such is their reputation for attracting illegal activity.

Here at Access Facilities Management, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive service to construction sites. Our experience and expertise will ensure that every construction site protected by us won’t fall foul of criminal damage or instances of theft.

But how do we go about securing construction sites? And why should you choose Access Facilities Management?

Our approach to securing your construction site

Here are just some of the services we provide for construction sites:

  • Thorough assessment – We’ll perform a thorough assessment of your construction site to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure security is the best it can be.
  • Round-the-clock protection – Regardless of whether there are staff on site or not, we’ll double check the entire area is completely secure and inaccessible to unauthorised persons.
  • Immediate response – If there is any breach of security, we’ll be on hand to respond immediately, taking the most appropriate and professional approach possible.
  • Control access – For particularly busy construction sites, we can deploy security personnel to control access for added protection and greater peace of mind.
  • Health and safety – Our security personnel always adhere to the relevant industry laws as well as any in-house policies relating to health and safety when protecting your construction site.

Why choose Access Facilities Management for construction site security

Our aim is to provide each client with a tailor-made package appropriate to their security needs, backed by the highest standards of service. This is possible thanks to years of hands-on industry experience alongside an in-depth knowledge of security.

All our security staff have proven security, military, or police backgrounds, are screened to comply with BS7858:2012, and undertake industry training depending on their deployment.

To reap these benefits and more, get in touch with us today.

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